Please note all items besides jewelry are made to order and will have extended processing and shipping times.

About The Littlest Inuksuk

The Littlest Inuksuk Inc. is a woman owned, Indigenous business that celebrates rich northern culture, and Inuit Pride. Promoting northern culture in a way that is empowering is a priority for us. Our culture has survived colonialism and we have a beautiful culture that should be celebrated and shared. Inuit and Northern culture can be celebrated by everyone.  

The Littlest Inuksuk  believes in the importance of Inuit access to cultural art no matter their financial situation, and frequently facilitates low income giveaways sponsored by customers. The Littlest Inuksuk Strives to deliver great service, original, one of a kind, bold statement pieces that will have people complimenting you all day.

Our Story

My name Is Tegan Voisey and I am a mixed Inuk/Settler . I am the artist and business owner of the Littlest Inuksuk. I am originally from Makkovik Nunatsiavut, which is located on the North Coast of Labrador. I now currently live in Alberta.

The creation of The Littlest Inuksuk was formed because of my Mothers influence. I am a mother of two small children. I have always had an interest in art growing up but never put any time and work into it. After having my first child I had more time to spend at home and my mother wanted me to craft with her. My mother has a deep love of art and encouraged me to explore mediums which we did together. That is how I found my love for design. I started to create things representing aspects of our culture, feeling excited to create art of something that I cherish.

Even though I am now living away from my homeland and my extended family I am grateful for art and how it has helped me continually feel cultural pride and connection. I look forward to continuing to help people celebrate the many beautiful innovations and creations of Inuit culture. Creating more representation for Inuit in the world of fashion and design is so exciting and fulfilling to me.